Trent Reedy on the Today Show

On May 20th, 2011, I had the privilege of appearing on the Today show since Words in the Dust was chosen for Al Roker's Book Club for Kids.

Interview with Minnesota Military Radio Hour

This is a compilation of videos I shot during my time in Afghanistan. It's running with an interview I did with the Minnesota Military Radio Hour.

The Greatest Mark of Our Success

This short video was shot a great distance away from some old Soviet landmines that my fellow soldiers and I rigged for exploding in Afghanistan. We wanted to get rid of the mines so that they couldn't be used to hurt anyone. The explosion may seem small on this video since it was filmed from so far away, but I promise it was a big boom!

Reedy talk WITD Part 1

Here are two parts of an interview I did with my editor Cheryl Klein in which we discuss Words in the Dust. Dig that sweater vest!

Reedy talk WITD Part2

Questions with Trent Reedy

The first time I visited Scholastic headquarters in New York City, I had the chance to do this interview about Words in the Dust.

An Afghan Boy's Super Day

The best part of my time in Afghanistan was the chance to hand out toys and candy to the kids. In this video clip, I give a Superman action figure to an Afghan boy. Since the boy had likely never heard of Superman, I thought it best to explain some of the superhero's powers

Words In The Dust fan video

A fan of Words in the Dust made this fun video about the book.

Words In The Dust fan video 2

This is a swell video about Words in the Dust The music is composed and performed by JT Thompson, a former Army Ranger, a great soldier with whom I had the honor of serving in Afghanistan.

Drinking Tea Persian Style

My good friend, author Meghan Nuttall Sayres made an appearance at Spokane's wonderful Tinman Too ( bookstore. She promoted her great novel Anahita's Woven Riddle which you can purchase here:
It was a fun day, and Meghan showed us how to drink tea Persian style. This video shows me drinking tea the way Meghan showed me. It was kind of a funny experience.

Biya Berem Ba Mazar (Let's Go to Mazar)

Music by K.Q.Essar

This is a short musical clip performed on a traditional Afghan instrument called a rabab for the audiobook version of Words in the Dust. Learn more about the rabab, Kevin Qais Essar, and the rest of the audiobook process in the audiobook section of the Words in the Dust page or on his website

Words In The Dust Original Music

Music by JT THompson

This is a song written and performed by JT Thompson, a former Army Ranger and a great soldier with whom I served in Afghanistan. He's a talented musician and can play a mean guitar. A great guy who understands what the mission in Afghanistan is all about, he wrote this song after reading Words in the Dust. You can learn more about Thompson and his music at: