Speaking & Visits

One of the best things about being a writer is that I get to meet so many great people.  I do many presentations at schools and conferences, speaking to students, librarians, veterans groups, and other readers.  I’ve even spoken to television and radio audiences.  I am flexible and adaptable with my presentations.  I’m happy to offer readings, give talks, answer questions, or even to facilitate writing classes or workshops.  I have experience with many kinds of audiences from librarians to college students to first graders, speaking about writing, my books, or even the Army and my experiences in the war in Afghanistan.  If you’re interested in inviting me to speak, I’d love to hear from you.



Trent Reedy’s real-life experiences made him one of the most memorable and engaging author speakers we have ever had for our organization. I believe everyone in the audience not only experienced a truly entertaining and inspiring presentation but also walked away with something meaningful to take back into their work and everyday lives. He was so approachable, enthusiastic, and easy to  work with off-stage as well. He is a real person with a real passion for telling and sharing profound stories, and it shows.

—Amber Wilde, Past President, South Dakota Library Association

After the presentation, our teachers agreed with us that Trent’s speaking was phenomenal – he kept both students and adults engaged and interested. The more impressive part is how many students commented, without prompting, on different parts of the presentation. It’s not every day that you find an adult “cool enough” to keep kids talking for days afterwards. Trent was open and honest, not only about his wartime experience, but also about his writing process. Trent’s content and presentation are both perfect for middle school and high school audiences — he will not disappoint!

—Jen Keltner, High School Teacher Librarian, Muscatine Community School District

We had Trent Reedy visit our school and I cannot thank him enough for the connection he made with our middle school and high school students! The teachers loved him and I think the students loved him even more.  Trent had the audience hooked as soon as he spoke!  He is very inspiring plus he has a great sense of humor mixed in with serious topics.  He shared his experiences in Afghanistan and you could hear a pin drop when he talked about these experiences.

Trent’s presentation opened my eyes and heart to those who serve in the military and the experiences they have and that’s not always about war. Trent’s presentation made me laugh, cry, and inspired me to want to read his books even more.  After Trent’s visit, we had several students requesting to read his books especially the Divided We Fall Series, If You’re Reading This and Words in the Dust!  We can’t keep his books on our shelves!  We had to order more books for our students and classrooms.  We have students who are readings his books for SSR now and Teachers are using his books for Read Alouds! 

Trent also conducted a Writer’s Workshop with high school aspiring writers!  He was so amazing and gave great advice to the students about characterization and story elements! He answered all of their questions and the students didn’t want him to leave. He truly inspires everyone he meets!  

Trent Reedy is an excellent young adult writer who definitely connects to students.  But, as an adult, I love reading his books as well.  His books touch your heart and as the reader, makes you empathize with the characters in his books.  His books are great resources to use for discussions with young adults about current events, cultural issues, teen issues and real-life world issues.  Read any book that Trent has written and you won’t be disappointed!

—Mrs. Flanigan, Teacher Librarian, Aplington Parkersburg School District