I’m so happy that my first six books all have audiobook versions, but I especially love the audiobooks for the Divided We Fall trilogy.  The Burning Nation audiobook is no exception.  Give it a listen.  I know you’ll love it.

As with Divided We Fall the Scholastic audiobook department worked hard to make the Burning Nation audiobook extra special.  Andrew Eiden is back, offering another great performance for the whole book.  The media noise sections between many of the chapters are enhanced with many different voices and sound effects.  Sound effects even come into the background during the chapters, so scenes feel even more real.

Again my agent, editor, and some other friends at Scholastic studios joined me to record the voices of a few characters.  I reprised my role as conservative radio talk show host Buzz Ellison, and I played some other parts.  My editor returned to play the part of Laura Griffith and some other voices.  Emily Heddleson of Scholastic offered her premium vocal talents to record the Idaho national anthem.  We had a great time recording.

Below are sample clips from the Burning Nation audiobook.  Be advised, the best way to experience Burning Nation is by reading the book or listening to the audiobook.  THE CLIPS BELOW ARE THE BIGGEST SPOILERS POSSIBLE!

US Army Attacks Idaho: 

At the end of Divided We Fall President Laura Griffith announces military force will be used to end the standoff with Idaho.  In this scene, she makes good on her promise.  Danny Wright goes with his best friends Cal Riccon and Eric Sweeney to his National Guard company’s outpost on the Idaho/Washington border.  They hope to join the fight to keep the US military out of Idaho.

Freedom Lake, Idaho under US Military Occupation: 

The Idaho Guard is quickly crushed by the US military, and Danny and his friends scramble to find a place to hide as Danny’s home town, Freedom Lake, comes under military occupation.

The Nation Reacts to Idaho Occupation and the Unity Act:

One of the interesting aspects of the Divided We Fall trilogy is the inclusion of the media response to the events that transpire in the book.  I had a lot of fun writing the various newscasters and social media voices in these parts.  Here, different points of view react to the Idaho crisis and the sharp limits placed on certain freedoms with the US government’s passage of the Unity Act.

Idaho Prepares to Fight Back: 

Danny Wright and a handful of his Idaho Guard allies spend months hiding in a shelter beneath Danny Wright’s auto shop.  They believe Idaho’s resistance has been totally defeated, and that they will spend the foreseeable future as wanted fugitives.  Everything changes in this scene.