I love audiobooks.  When I’m on a long trip, or when I have to clean my house, I can still be reading by listening to audiobooks.  I’m blessed in that my first six books all have audiobook versions, but I’m especially pleased with the way the Divided We Fall audiobook came out.  This isn’t just a sales pitch.  BUY THE AUDIOBOOK!  That was a sales pitch.

But seriously, the Scholastic audiobook department took a lot of extra time to make the Divided We Fall audiobook unlike most others.  First, Andrew Eiden provides an incredible narration for the whole book.  Then the media noise sections between many of the chapters come to life with many performers voicing the different news personalities and politicians. 

The Scholastic audiobook wizards even put sound effects into the background during the chapters, so that when Danny and his friends are watching the news, they might hear sirens, screams, or gunshots going off in the background behind the reader’s words. It’s intense.

Best of all, for me anyway, I had the chance to join my agent, editor, and some other friends at Scholastic studios to record the voices of a few characters.  I play conservative radio talk show host Buzz Ellison, a Christian radio show host, and maybe some other parts.  My agent plays some news personalities and the woman who calls the Christian radio show.  My editor plays the part of Laura Griffith as well as other roles.

Here’s James Monohan, my former editor Cheryl Klein, me, and my agent Ammi-Joan Paquette after a day recording various news and social media voices for the Divided We Fall audiobook.

Please enjoy some sample clips from the Divided We Fall audiobook. 

Divided We Fall Prologue: 

Most of my books aren’t published with the first beginning I write for them.  Most of the time, I change out the first chapter or write new opening scenes through my revision process.  Divided We Fall was different.  I came up with this prologue and most of the first chapter on the very first day I started writing the book.  When I hear this prologue now, especially now that I know how the entire Divided We Fall trilogy ends up, it feels very sad and ominous.  Andrew Eiden brings a compelling, expansive, emotional resonance to this prologue and to the entire trilogy.

The Battle of Boise: 

Danny’s National Guard unit is sent to Boise to help the state police stop a riot.  As you can hear in this clip, everything goes horribly wrong, and Danny’s life is never the same again.

Media Reacts to the Battle of Boise: 

In recent years, when America faces a terrible tragedy or crisis, people rush to the news and to social media, not to solve problems, but to argue and find someone to blame.  From a less cynical perspective, modern Americans have a certain shared experience with terrible tragedies through our connection to media.  Here’s the media’s reaction to the tragedy at Boise.

Schmidty Talks about America and War: 

Danny’s business partner, the grouchy old chain smoking veteran Dave Schmidt, senses deep trouble even before Danny realizes how bad the situation might become.  Schmidty might not be particularly pleasant, but he is absolutely loyal to Danny.